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Sunday, 21 June 2009 22:35

Monday, June 17, 2002

The public transportation system in Versailles, France. Click on the logo to see the Google translated page. When you get there, scroll down and click on [Phébus] for information. [posted by Hank Phebus 6/17/2002 03:04:09 PM]

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Birthdays Today:

Jemima Phebus, age 225
BIRTH: 16 Jun 1777, Somerset Co., MD
DEATH: 17 Jun 1822
Father: John Phebus
Mother: Jemima ???
Spouse: Enoch Thomas

Makes me feel young again!! [posted by Hank Phebus 6/16/2002 03:44:46 PM]

Friday, June 14, 2002

Lewis Phoebus or The "O" Question Continued

The following post was originally entered in the Phebus Genealogy Forums by Linda Sue Bell Gartin. Suzy is the primary genealogist on the southern lines beginning with Lewis Phoebus who was born about 1760 in probably North Carolina. Suzy's knowledge of the Phebus/Phoebus families and related lines is extensive, and I hope she will become a regular contributor to the Phebus Newsletter as well as Bits and Pieces.

Now here's Suzy:

The earliest record to date of the Lewis Phoebus who went to Humphreys County, Tennessee was in The Augusta Chronicle in 1790 defaulting on his taxes(1) in Richmond County, GA. This Phoebus spelling leads me to believe that he was connected to the Maryland or Bladen County, NC Phoebuses. In 1795, he was in Wilkes County, GA on Lloyds Creek and his name was spelled Lewis Phebis then in 1796 and 1797 it is Lewis Phebus. In 1799, I find him as Louis Phabus on Long Creek in Capt. Fennings District and almost missed him in 1800 as Luas Phabuss. He is again Lewis Phoebus in 1804 in Franklin County, GA and that is how the name is spelled when he reaches Humphreys County, TN by 1819. It was probably most often spelled phonetically. Lewis W. Phoebus, son of Lewis, kept the o in the name while Leonard and Lewis R. and their descendants dropped the o. I always heard that when Walter Lavelle Phebus, Jr. moved to Maryland that he decided to go back to the original spelling.

(1) Note: Defaulters on taxes had usually moved out of the district.

Suzy Gartin
[posted by Hank Phebus 6/14/2002 02:59:43 PM]

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

To Be In A Name Or Not In A Name. That Is The Question??

To start things off, I want to post a copy of a reply to a message on the Phebus Genealogy Forums. Debbie Lou Phoebus Wells stated, "One of the things that fascinates me about the Phebus/Phoebus name is that somewhere, some have dropped the O and in my case, I believe it was my grandfather, Walter Lavelle Phoebus that added the O.".

This is my reply:

The "O" is an elusive little vowel. It keeps appearing in and disappearing from our name. The Latin spelling from the original Greek "Foibos" was Phoebus during the Roman Republican Age. During the Imperial Age, 27 BC to 476 AD the "O" was dropped and the name became Phebus. I think it was Francis Bacon that reintroduced the "O" in Phoebus during the 1600's. Chaucer and Shakespeare used the Phebus spelling. I have seen the spelling change from generation to generation in the same line. Some families added the "O" back because they thought that was the proper spelling, not realizing that the Phebus spelling is ancient and just as correct. I believe the original Phebus in America spelled the name as "X". I guess my point is that to our earliest ancestors, it was the sound that was important and not the spelling. It is only in the last 300 years or so that we (or the census takers and records clerks) have agonized over the spelling.

By the way, I will soon be putting up a page on the main site which goes in to more detail on the origin, history and evolution of the name.
[posted by Hank Phebus 6/12/2002 10:39:46 PM]
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[posted by Hank Phebus 6/12/2002 10:11:28 PM]
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