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Friday, 19 June 2009 13:33
My objective for this web site is a "One Name Study" of the Phebus surname including all variations such as Phoebus, Febus, Fibus and any others that arise. Currently my database only contains Phebus / Phoebus ancestors in America, beginning with George Phebus (1650-1746) who is first recorded as living in Somerset Co., Maryland in 1665.

I would like to extend the Phebus history into Europe. I do not require a relational connection with the Phebus family in America. I am mainly interested in the name and the migration patterns throughout Europe of individuals using this name or variations thereof.

I have noticed several visits to my web site by persons from the Netherlands and Finland. I don't know that they are interested in the Phebus surname, but if so, I would ask that they and any other interested European visitors please send mail to Hank Phebus and let me know of your interest or knowledge of the name. This applies also to any American visitors who have knowledge of the European connection. 

Currently, the only information I have of the Phebus name usage in Europe, other than sonnets, poems and middle English literature, is Gaston Phébus (Gaston III, Count of Foix). I have much information on Gaston Phébus, and I will bring it on-line as time allows. Thanks for bearing with me while this particular area of my web site develops and please send mail if you have information that will help expand this area.


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