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Friday, 19 June 2009 10:13

Phebus PhotoThis web site is dedicated to the genealogical research of the Phebus surname and all variants, including Phoebus, Pheobus, Phebues, Febus, etc.. Our purpose is to gather as much information as possible on these surnames and place it in the Phebus Genealogy Index.

The goal here is much more than listing a family tree. We would like to bring to this site all existing data concerning the name Phebus, Phoebus, Febus, etc.. from the mythical beginnings to the cry of the latest descendent. If you have information about Phebus (Phoebus) the God of the Sun or Pheobus, Febus your favorite uncle, then let us know. :)

Please search the site, and if you suspect a family connection, we will work with you to reflect that information in the Phebus Genealogy Index. We are also interested in the other, related surnames, so feel free to contact us concerning any name in the database.

If you have information or inquiries, please post a message in the appropriate discussion forum so it will have the most exposure.

For additional info please send e-mail to the Phebus Genealogy Index volunteers.

Notice:  If you would like to help with the Phebus Genealogy Index, please contact support. We need forum volunteers, researchers and donations if you are so inclined.

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